My life has been about playing with a puzzle and finding ways in which the different pieces fit together. This while in each one of the pieces I strive to do my best and to create work of exceptional value.

My learning path mirrors it somehow: formal studies in engineering, non-formal studies in education and learning, and I’m a life learner and practitioner of literature and poetry.

Nowadays, I work as a Data Scientist & Engineer in Siemens Mobility. I divide my work between Lisbon, Portugal & Munich, Germany. It’s in the cope of my role pure Data Science use cases, but also in making the bridge between Data Science and Engineering. This by developing tools and processes to allow reusability, reproducibility, and productization of Data Science.

Before I worked as the Lead Data Science Engineer of Interfaces Portugal, a consultancy startup in Lisbon specialized in Mobility solutions on training, Mobility KPIs and data visualization. I had the opportunity to lead a small team of a Data Analyst, Software Engineer, and Web & Motion Designer.

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My first job as a Data Scientist was at Clickly, a startup in the field of Web Advertisement, where I implemented a recommendation tool and several infrastructure services.

I finished my Master in Telecommunications Engineering (and a major in Cloud Computing and Distributed Applications) at the Technical University of Lisbon (IST). Soon before, I started working as a **Researcher in L2F (Spoken Language Lab)** of INESC-ID where I developed my master thesis in speech recognition and cybersecurity.

During my studies, I was a volunteer in engineering students organizations like IEEE and EESTEC. I had several leadership roles and developed my practice of communicator and other soft-skills as well. It was also during this time that I finished my Training as a Trainer with Zero Generation and started my long experience as non-formal educator and trainer that have been accompanying my career (I have more than 200 hours delivered in different topics as leadership, communication, storytelling, python programming and data science, teamwork, etc.). It was also here that I did some work as a freelance writer for marketing booklets.

Going back to my childhood, I started writing my first poems and stories following a passion for adventures and fiction books. A passion that keeps going as part of who I am nowadays and part of one of my expressions in this life in puzzles. That’s why I can’t forget the thousand hours that I spent as a kid solving puzzles from simple to advanced complexities. It’s something that I still do nowadays, even if sometimes is not only the ones in cardboard.